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KompoZer - Easy Web Authoring

    KompoZer is a modern, free-of-charge, Web Authoring System that allows anyone to develop a web page.  It provides a simple to use graphical WYSIWYG (What You See Is What You Get) interface.  The output code for a website that you created is outputted with the latest issues of web language specifications.  
    KompoZer gives any web page editor the ability to make a small web page without any prior knowledge of web page editing.  One of the key features of KompoZer is a site manager which allows an editor to browse all the sites that are specified in your Publishing Settings.  KompoZer also is equipped with a new extended color picker that can set to any color and color style.  Mozilla Firefox's Tab feature is also available along with a customizable tool bar and an automated spell checker.  Currently KompoZer is a free software meaning that is has no limitations.

NetObjects Fusion 11

    NetObjects Fusion 11 is another Web page Editor that offers essential tools for building effective websites.  Fusion offers its clients features such as Flash components, banners, advanced image editing, e-commerce catalog, and even keeps track of your web site's visitors.  Fusion makes it easy to integrate Flash displays without an prior knowledge necessary.  You can change colors, objects, effects, and display them in an attractive manner in a short period of time.      The advanced image editing feature can be compared to your home desktop picture editor you currently use because it has almost everything you will need to create a great image.  Without an need for a third-party software, you can crop images, set borders, adjust size and orientation, add text, and even reduce red eye. This image editor even allows you to optimize settings to pictures to control how fast that image appears on your web page.  
    NetObjects Fusion is perfect for anyone looking to start an online store.  A key feature is the e-commerce catalog that gives the editor a simple way to create a catalog, add products, and images.  You can match the catalog to fit your web page design.  It also gives you an easy way to integrate credit car processing for an effective way to serve your customers online.  To give your customers better satisfaction, you can use the site's visitor tracker to view statistics on how your site is viewed so that you can enhance your site's popularity throughout the Internet.  
    Like many great software programs in the market.  NetObject Fusion comes with limitations.  Fusion 11 is the latest version that is available to you at a price.  For $89.98 you get the complete software that has all the features available.  The free version is Fusion Essential, that limits some advances features but it still, however, comes with all the basic features that will allow you to build an attractive web page.

Amaya - Web Browsing and Authoring

Amaya Web Browsing and Authoring is currently an open source and WYSIWYG web authoring software that allows you to develop web pages without any prior knowledge of HTML and CSS.  Amaya lets you author web pages in a simple and straightforward manner with no cost to you at all.  Some key features about this software are it's simplicity to users, it supports CSS, MathML, SVG, and also supports RDF and XPointer.
    Amaya's simplicity is a positive feature that will give any new web page editor peace of mind.  Knowing that you won't have to spend days trying to figure out how to create a web page is fantastic!  The text editor is also simple to use.  You can replace any text you currently have on your web page and update it quickly and easily.  Amaya also has the ability to support various web page languages such as CSS and MathML.  The CSS feature is not yet complete but you still will be able to interact with the color, background color, background image, and alignment.  With the ability to support MathML you can see, browse, and edit web pages containing mathematical expressions.  Also, support for SVG gives the editor control over basic shapes, text images, and you allows you to work with transformations and animations.